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Treatment Approach

lisa-goldfarb-contactDr. Goldfarb believes that a patient is best served by having a thorough 90-minute diagnostic evaluation prior to the start of treatment; this would typically include lab work and a physical examination by the patient’s internist, as well as a review of the patient’s family history and any prior treatment he or she may have had.

Dr. Goldfarb utilizes psychotherapy (including psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, network therapy and supportive psychotherapy), complementary techniques and, when necessary, medications – all of which are tailored individually for each patient. In addition, she believes that breathing techniques, relaxation exercises and nutraceutical supplements can benefit the therapeutic process, and incorporates them as appropriate. Importantly, when medication is part of a treatment plan, Dr. Goldfarb will only prescribe the amount absolutely necessary for the patient’s care.

Dr. Goldfarb meets with concerned family members or friends to help them understand the best approach to address substance abuse and self-destructive behavior in their “identified patient.” Dr. Goldfarb uses the techniques of CRAFT, community reinforcement and family training to help them improve communication with their relative or friend in order to help the patient on a path toward change.

Dr. Goldfarb has developed a reputation for seeing patients with complex psychiatric and addiction histories, and frequently is asked by her colleagues throughout the tri-state area to consult on their cases as well.